Why flox-GPU?

flox-GPU-Infoflyer (German)

flox-GPU or simply flox is a GPU powered software for fast, large scale hydraulic simulations on regular grids. It aims to help assess flood risks and quantify their impact on infrastructure and environment. It was developed by Ben Loretz and Ingenieure Bart AG as the result of years of practice in flood hazard assessment in Switzerland.

flox-GPU simulates the unsteady 2D surface flow using a second order Runge-Kutta time discretization of the 2D shallow water equations. As input data, a digital elevation model (DEM), boundary conditions, inflow parameters and hydraulic structures can be specified.

Advantages of flox-GPU:

  • Fully physical based:
    Solution of full 2d shallow water equations with robust and modern numerical scheme
  • Large scale / high resolution:
    Capable of handling models with several million wet cells
  • High performance:
    Highly efficient algorithm running on GPUs speeds up computation from days to hours, compared to CPU modelling software
  • Richly featured:
    Support of point sources, culverts, boundary conditions, flow measures and other features
  • Pre-processing:
    Powerful software tool meshmaker allows fast, high quality, high resolution mesh generation in minutes
  • Post-processing:
    Powerful software tools for easy 3D visualization
  • GIS operability:
    Data input and output in common and easy-to-use GIS formats