How does the license model work?

You don’t buy flox-GPU, you install the demo version for free and try it out. If you like it and want to use it for professional purposes, you can acquire a license for the time of usage. As first time client you sign up and register with flox-GPU. Upon purchase of the first license, you receive a hardware USB dongle to use flox-GPU on 1 machine. Any subsequent licenses bought later on, are sent as license files updating the dates of the dongle.

Why this model?

We prefer to offer our software for a comparatively low price for the actual time of use, instead of a big investment up front with the uncertainty if it pays off. As a company, we prefer to keep our annual license costs as low as possible. However, most software only offers yearly licenses/maintenance, even if you need it only 2 months a year. This is often coupled with penalty payments if you do not renew for several months and want to get back in afterwards.

flox-GPU wants none of that. We want you to pay for the software as you use it. For example, a small scale project in the field of natural hazard assessment can be done in a month’s time or less (the modelling part) and the licensing costs are appropriate to that work volume. If the next month you do not have a project, you do not pay!

Why the demo version?

Since flox-GPU hardware demands are not always met with regular office hardware, the demo version serves as a simple check if your hardware can be used or not.

I have tried the demo and like it. I am NEW to flox-gPU and want to start Modelling, what do I do?
  1. Go to the flox-GPU shop
  2. Sign up and log in
  3. Buy a license (month / year)
  4. You will be sent an USB-dongle to activate flox-GPU for the purchased time
  5. Make sure the hardware clock on your workstation is correct
  6. Insert the USB-dongle in the modelling workstation
  7. Use flox-GPU with all features and support
  8. After the purchased time passed, flox-GPU will return to demo mode

I have a dongle already from a previous purchase and want to renew my license. What do I do?
  1. Go to the flox-GPU shop
  2. Log in
  3. Buy a license for a month or a year
  4. A license file is automatically be sent to you via email
  5. Make sure the hardware clock on your workstation is correct
  6. Start flox with the following parameters: -dongle <license_file>
    for example ‘flox -dongle c:\download\license.txt’
  7. The dongle is now updated for the new license time span
  8. Use flox-GPU with all features
  9. After the purchased time, flox-GPU will return to demo mode